Sherra Robinson Wright Prime Suspect in Ex-Husband’s Lorenzen Wright Murder

If you read our report on the police questioning Sherra Robinson Wright this should not be a surprise.

Miss Wright has been questioned for several days, but it is now being confirmed as new details about the case are emerging. Miss Wright is the prime suspect in the death of former NBA Player and her Ex-Husband Lorenzen Wright.

Here are the new details via

Investigators with the Memphis Police Department spent much of the day Sunday, searching Sherra Wright’s home for evidence.  They could be seen removing several items, and at one point, were in the backyard looking very carefully at Wright’s grill and fire pit.

Neighbors reported a large fire in her backyard after Wright’s disappearance, and say they thought it was unusual for Wright to light a fire on one of the hottest nights of the year.

Official charges could come soon, but the Memphis Police Department are making sure everything is in place before making a formal announcement.

There have been rumors of a possible confession, but those rumors have not been confirmed. It appears the police are making sure they don’t take anything for granted in their investigation.

If Miss Wright is charged more than likely she will not be the only one, as this was a crime not committed by just one person.

When we have more details we will update the story.

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  • i use to watch a lot of divorce court when I worked 3rd shift. There was one thing that the orginal judge always said to the people she presided over. “Dig Deep before you leap” Now I’m not saying that the unfortunate Lorenzen Wright didn’t dig but, Crazy has a voice you just have to listen to it. Let the person you are courting talk you might be surprised at what you hear. Dig Deep ladies and gents

  • Two men to kill him and one woman to dial the phone and say, "Here he comes".

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