Sherra Robinson Wright Threatened Lorenzen Wright In Audio Recordings


If you have been following the case you that the Ex-Wife of slain former NBA player Lorenzen Wright is considered a suspect in his murder.

No charges have been filed and the police are still investigating the homicide.  Rumors over the weekend of a confession proved to be false, but it was confirmed that police had Miss Wright in custody (but not arrested) for a period of time for questioning.

The latest news is that Lorenzen Wright’s personal assistant says she has audio recordings of  Sherra Robinson Wright threatening Lorenzen if she ever found out he was with another woman.  Here are the details:

The personal assistant to slain former Atlanta Hawks player Lorenzen Wright told a Memphis television news station Monday that she had audio recordings of Wright’s ex-wife threatening to harm him.

The former personal assistant, Wendy Wilson, told ABC24-WPTY that Sherra Wright was recorded saying “things like if she caught him with anyone else, she’d have him ‘F’d up’ or whatever,” according to an article posted on, a website for the ABC affiliate.

Wilson said she filed a report with Memphis police because she felt the recorded conversations were “threatening.” She said Lorenzen Wright asked her to keep the tape, adding “he wouldn’t have asked me to keep them if he didn’t think he’d need them someday.”

While it is isn’t unusual for a spouse or significant other to say these type of things, it is a bit unusual for other person in the relationship to feel the need to have them secretly recorded.

Most individuals even when threatened by their significant other rarely believe they would carry out the threat, so to have a conversation recorded you have to assume for whatever reason Lorenzen Wright wanted that information to be available if he needed it.

Miss Wright has hired a criminal defense attorney and here are the comments he made earlier today.

Coleman Garret, Sherra’s defense attorney, spoke on his client’s behalf to local station WPTY.

“I just assume it is part of the routine investigation,” Garrett told WPTY. “They’re looking for clues, they’re looking for evidence. They’re trying to find answers, and that would be one of the logical things to do, to search any premises where Lorenzen was last known to be.”

Furthermore, Sherra was never arrested.

Garret told WPTY that his client does not plan to address the public on or off camera, nor will she be present when he speaks on her behalf.

A woman named Alexis Bradley has come forward and claimed to be dating Lorenzen at the time of his murdered and posted these pictures on her facebook page after his body was discovered.

This just adds another layer to this already complicated story. As we get more information we will keep you informed.


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