Sherra Wright Not Cooperating with Police in Lorenzen Wright Murder Investigation

As police continue with their investigation in the tragic death of former NBA player Lorenzen Wright, the one person who may have known him the best is not cooperating.

According to sources within the police department Sherra Wright the ex wife of Lorenzen Wright is not being forthcoming with authorities.

Here are the details:

New details have surfaced about what happened the day Sherra Wright was questioned by police in connection with the Lorenzen Wright murder investigation.

A source told FOX13 Lorenzen Wright’s ex-wife was at the Memphis Police Department for two hours Friday with her defense attorney, Coleman Garrett.

Our source said she did not give a statement and she is not cooperating with MPD’s investigation.

Police have asked Wright and Wright’s attorney for more interviews but our sources said the requests have been declined.

According to Miss Wright’s attorney she doesn’t need to cooperate because she has nothing to contribute to the case.

Considering she is the ex wife and mother of Wright’s six children it makes you wonder why she wouldn’t do everything that the police asked her to do to help aid the investigation.

By not speaking with the police, regardless if she is involved or not it just slows down the investigation. If she isn’t involved she could still hold crucial information that could lead to the arrest of the killers of her ex-husband.

Very strange and odd behavior from Miss. Wright. As more details become available we will update you.

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  • She probably had something to do with it that’s what the Rumors are her her boyfriend and brother did this! So Sad

  • I assume that you already know that your blog is awesome hehe; thanks for this …

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