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Shootout at Kids Football Game…Calvin Bracey Arrested..Two Others At Large

by BSO Staff | Posted on Tuesday, August 17th, 2010
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Went on WSHH to check out new music before called it a night and found this. Upsetting is word that comes to mind amognst others things. Shooting at a kids game, really? Why? The uploader of vid claims video was taken in Indiana football game. Research time…. googled “Shots Indiana Football game.” Sure enough, I found details courtesy

Incident took place in Fort Wayne, Indiana at Memorial Park Elementary. Allegedly during the game Calvin Bracey, worker for event, and two other men in a blue/gray van had a fist fight. This quickly escalted into gunfire. Bracey was arrested fleeing scene. He is out on bail now on possession and evading arrest charge and two men in blue/gray van are still at large. Certainly charges will be added, wreckless endangerment comes into mind. Shooting so close to kids, c’mon, not smart. Thankfully, no one was injured. End of story, right? No…

I cherish having facts straight and having most up to date info. So I googled “football game shooting” to see what showed up. To my surprise this is not the only shooting at a football game. At Gwinett High School in Georgia a 16 year old boy shot another teen in the chest during game. Shooter was charged with crime and thankfully the kid who was shot is in hospital with non life-threatening injuries. Is this all? Nope

We have another shooting at football game. This one is located in Homewood, Pittsburgh in vicinity of Stargell(Sports fact, Willie Stargell is HOF Player for Pittsburgh Pirates) Field. Now a description of the scene…

“Witnesses said they heard what sounded like fireworks over music and a cheering crowd. People scattered, some hitting the field and others running for cover. Officers on the Martin Luther King Jr. East Busway, which runs under the footbridge, heard the shots and radioed for help.”

Scary similar to video up top…In this incident 3 people were hit, none life-threatening. The worse patient was listed as stable. Its crazy this is going on. The perpetrators are still a large. What was reason for incident, suspects were allegedly betting on game, smh. Local Police Chielf, Nate Harper

had ultimatum to find perpators. He would cancel football season if suspects weren’t located. Soon enough he had info on suspects. Nice job Chief.

To conclude, I wouldn’t go as far as to say these shootings are an epidemic but its happening…Its a crazy world we are living in. Hopefully this is the last shooting we hear of but I highly doubt it…


Written by Jovan. you can follow him on twitter.

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