Siohvaughn Wade “Sexual Foreplay” Case Against Gabrielle Union Thrown Out of Court

While Lebron has been making lists and checking them twice and Chris Bosh has been breaking down “Inception” for us, D Wade has been laying low.

Even when he made a dumb reference to the World Trade Center and spoke on how other teams should feel privileged when the Heat comes to town, he has pretty much skated from any Lebronish criticisms.

Most “Masterminds” are good at that.

One piece of Wade’s drama that seems to be coming to an end, is his battle against his Ex-Wife Siohvaughn Wade.  She had filed a lawsuit against his current girlfriend Gabrielle Union for breaking up their marriage.  The judge disagreed here are the details:

Dwyane Wade‘s actress GF Gabrielle Union just won big in her legal battle against Dwyane’s ex-wife — as of last week, she’s officially in the clear over charges that she got too sexy in front of Dwyane’s kids.

It’s all over a lawsuit the basketball star’s ex-wife Siohvaughn Wade (right) filed a few months ago — claiming her and Dwyane’s kids were left scarred when Gabrielle and the Miami Heat guard engaged in “sexual foreplay” in front of them.

Both Dwyane and Gabrielle denied the allegations — calling them “erroneous claims” — and last week, a judge in Illinois officially dismissed Siohvaughn’s lawsuit, citing improper jurisdiction.

I understand when woman or man acts irrationally when another person comes in and swoops up their significant other, but the fact is while that maybe morally wrong, you shouldn’t profit for it.

That is what Divorce Court is for and I am sure the former Mrs. Wade is being paid well for her years of service to the mastermind of the South Beach NWO.

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