Stephon Marbury Wants to Own a Team and Shoe Stores in China

Stephon Marbuy is pretty much done with the NBA. “How it ended with me playing in the NBA is the way it was supposed to end,” said Marbury, while speaking with “It’s time to write another chapter. I’m in a different place. This is a way deeper project. It’s bigger than basketball.” He’s moving on to bigger things, in a bigger country…..China.

Marbury signed a three-year deal to play again for Shanxi that includes a coaching stint starting next season. The most important part of the deal is his club will finance the opening of three Starbury stores in the city. “It’s all Starbury stuff. Like you go to a Nike store, it’s going to be Starbury,” said Marbury, who has his logo tattooed to his head. “In Year Five, my goal is to have 150 stores.”

Marbury has another goal, to own a team in the Chinese Basketball Association. “The NBA has deals to build arenas in China,” Marbury says. “It just takes time. Owning and investing there, how can I go wrong business-wise?” Marbury mentions that there are 350 million people who play basketball in China and the country is second on largest economy list. He is putting 10 percent of his contract toward helping basketball schools for boys and girls. It’s a charitable move and sound business, investing in the grass roots. The bigger basketball becomes in China, the more apparel Marbury can sell.

I must say, I think that Marbury could make this work.  He has to be highly successful while playing/coaching and then become highly visible in the country.  Total immersion in the culture, the right endorsements, the right appearances….it could work.  Here is another thing that Marbury is doing to make this venture a success: He is putting 10 percent of his contract toward helping basketball schools for boys and girls.

Stephon Marbury has always been a different type of dude.  Quirky ways, and sometimes an inability to get along with others.  One thing is for sure, he’s not dumb and seems to be financial savvy.  Say what you will about his personality, it looks like we won’t have to read about Marbury seeking his college coach for financial help (Antoine Walker), or needing a salary advance to pay off casinos(Eddie Curry).

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