The Next Extreme Sport: Fight Football League

Let’s face it, we as Americans love fighting and blood. Especially when we are watching other people do it.  So if soccer is too boring, and MMA in an octagon is too confining, I present to you Fight Football League.

It sort of a hodge-podge of various sports. There are elements of soccer, MMA, and rugby.  They wear no pads, except for fighting gloves.  To score, the sport most resembles basketball. Fights seem to break out at any time.  Here is how the official website explains the sport:

In the FFL the objective is to score goal, however, players are aloud to fight their opponents using several fighting techniques. FFL Rules are manifold, it is aloud to fight only one against one, it is not aloud to strike when running or towards whom is running, no hit from the back or on the ground, injuries or KO’s can consequence into the elimination of the player.

Footballfighters are athletes coming from different backgrounds, mainly: Calcio Storico, Rugby, Boxing, Wrestling and “Mixed Martial Arts”. FFL training is the ultimate workout, a match duration is 48 min and Footballfighters need to be in condition to run and fight to defend themselves, their portion of playing field, their teammate and ultimately score goal.

Currently the league is just in Italy, but u can watch previous matches on youtube.

Every sport comes from small beginnings, this would be no different. So what do you think, could FFL be a hit in the United States?

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  • are they ALLOWED to go to school to learn that ALOUD is in reference to noise?

    • In fairness, I think it's because they're European…that's all I could come up with i defense of the spelling.

  • This news peice was stolen from yardbarker. Blacksportsonline, rob, and the “resident voices” are ALL jokes. Find a day job

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