The Saint Louis Cardinals Are Having a Social Media Night..But They Didn’t Invite Me

My journey in the world sports media would be the equalivent of someone going to school to be a stock broker, getting their degree but then deciding to be a country singer.  Fails at the country singer part, but takes the knowledege they learned in school years later to become an independent fiancial advisor.

I didn’t take the traditional route, but my foundation is based on traditional teachings.

This helps me because I know how the mainstream media operates and maybe even more importantly I know how professional sports leagues and franchises operate.

They don’t like people me.

Sports franchises like to control the media, control the criticism and control the content.  Considering I am my own boss I don’t have to worry about an editor asking me to “tone down” what I say or do.  I don’t have to worry about getting suspended for talking about a someone’s wardrobe on Sportscenter.  It is hard once you have had that freedom and you have been successful with it to have anyone tell you what you should be doing.

Sports franchises know this, so to combat this they limit the access of bloggers and independent websites.  They ban us from clubhouses and locker rooms.  They make us jumps through hoops to get credentials and interviews. What they don’t understand is that I don’t been to be in a press box to see if a player is garbage are not.

I tell young bloggers not to get hung up on getting “credentialed“.  The power you wield doesn’t come from a “pass” it comes from the quality of your content.

So when I heard the Saint Louis Cardinals was having a Social Media Night and I wasn’t invite didn’t bother me at all. The fact that their Social Media Night consists of solely of members of the “mainstream media” was not surprising in the least.  I have never concerned myself with “local” affairs I always had bigger aspirations.

Matt Sebek of JoeSportsFan (One of the best sports blog around focusing on Saint Louis sports) though is a bigger man than I. Seeing the hypocrisy decided to take the Cardinals to task.  Here is what he had to say:

The transparency of social media intimidates the Cardinals. As a franchise on pace to surpass 3,000,000 paid attendance for the seventh straight season, they need no promotional assistance. And like most businesses, they would prefer to control their message and underlying image. Thus, we’re presented with their version of “Social Media Night” – which highlights a few media members that work for the establishment.

What have we gained? What will we learn? Think paying audience members will hear about the social backlash of the Cardinals decision to alter their (then first-place) lineup by trading Ryan Ludwick to the San Diego Padres – who happens to be back in town that night?


An honest discussion about the trials and tribulations of how content is delivered to the fan-base from both ends of the spectrum (namely, mainstream media and independent journalists/bloggers) would be truly energizing – especially coming from the Cardinals.  Not to fight; to advance the industry by discussing the trials and tribulations of social media.

You would think Saint Louis being my hometown, would be the place I would get the most support.  That isn’t the case, Cali, DC, NYC, Miami, Vegas and many other places have given BSO much more love.

When the #1 independently black own sports site can’t get invited to its home team “Social Media Night” that should let you know that bloggers and independent sports sites in the eyes of a lot of the media and professional sports leagues rock a Scarlett Letter Jersey.

7 thoughts on “The Saint Louis Cardinals Are Having a Social Media Night..But They Didn’t Invite Me

  • not certain if I agree with you and your views on this 100%…I’ll hit you personally on that tho… my question/concern, are the cards familiar with your site? Do you cover much about their association? Are you sating that just because you’re in STL you should have been invited because your site is the #1 blk sports site in the area?

  • RL,

    Do you think your post about Pujols and LaRussa attending Glenn Beck's sham in DC factored into your chances of being included? Personally I don't think it would have made a difference. I fully agree that the vast majority of privately owned organizations want no part of seeing their true methods of operation in print or film. Even a show like Hard Knocks in HBO doesn't make it to air without 100% approval from the team.

    • Don't know, don't really care. Not my job to worry about what any team or player wants

  • Have you ever considered using a spellchecker and hiring a proof reader for your articles? Do you think other "mainstream" franchises/companies/etc want to visit this website and see countless pictures of sports athletes' mistresses? How about the cherry-picking of the stories you cover? Or possibly the biased opinions and cliche terminology and stereotypes that you have so eleoquently persuaded other readers to adopt into their own language?

    Reality Check: I seriously don't think anybody considers BSO to be anything of a legitimate website for sports coverage and information, but rather, a place where a guy who possibly harbors jealousy over the fact that he's writing about athletes instead of being one is voicing his opinion about what he would/wouldn't do. Nothing on this website even slightly hints at sports insight, but rather, the ability to quickly google and post your own 2 cents about a topic. You may need to start taking your website a little more serious if you want people to take you serious. Phase:1 – New Banner

    • You sound salty

    • Thank you, my thoughts exactly. It's hard to take this site seriously when there are handfuls of errors in every article. It's almost comical. You see ESPN post something on their website and 15 minutes later there's a BSO post "reporting" the same shit, only re-worded with a ton of spelling and grammatical errors and a dude who likes to toot his own horn like he's some kind of big deal whose views are relevant. Verbal diarrhea.

      This is my first time visiting this site since that ridiculous banner with dude's MySpace picture in the middle was up. Just ridiculous. This #1 independently black owned sports site tag that he clings on to is as equally ridiculous. Is that even relevant? Because this is the only sports site I'm aware of that brings race into the equation. Sports are sports, there's no reason to bring race into it. What the fuck does "Black Sports Online" even refer to and why is it relevant in the sporting world?

      Maybe you didn't get the invite because BSO is a wannabe ESPN on an elementary level that's run by a narcissist. I'm not sure what your qualifications are but I'd be amazed if you have any relevant experience with a semi-professional site/column.

  • the whole situration i svery disturbing. Thanks for writing about it.

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