Video: Antonio Cromartie Trying to Remember His Kids’ Names On HBO Hard Knocks

The first thing I want to say is that from the little that I know about Antonio Cromartie he appears to be a nice guy.

Cromartie admits in his 1st couple of years in the NFL he didn’t make the greatest decisions in regards to:

A- Who he broke lamps with.

B- Forgetting where the Trojan Condoms are in Walgreens.

At last count I believe Cromartie has 8 kids in five different states and at one point had several different Child Support cases against him.

The good news is he is in a good situation with the Jets, his child support cases seem to be under control, he is playing well in camp and he is married now.

So while it is a bit comical to watch him try to remember all of his kids names at least he is moving in a positive direction with his life.

He has four, 3 year olds.

He should have named them Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn, but I digress.

His Soldiers were doing work in 2007.

Even Shawn Kemp was like “Damn Homie”, Travis Henry even came in from the Prison Yard to see this and Evander Holyfield says he won’t be impressed until Cromartie can get his wife and two mistresses pregnant at the same time while preaching he is a man of Christ.

Darelle Revis does not approve this post.


Cromartie claims that the HBO Producers told him to act like he was having a hard time remembering his kids’ names. I will let you decide if he is lying or not.

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  • You said it all best. He must be "packin."

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