Video: Brett Favre Goes Down and He Goes Down Hard

Finally, what we’ve all been waiting for, Favre to get hit. Thank you Patrick Willis for doing what we normal people only dreamed of doing. It wasn’t a kill shot but still, it was a pretty good shot. 2 things need to be said about the play.

1. It was good to see Brett Favre pop back up with a smile on his face. While it was good to see him get hit, I wouldn’t want to see him injured. I want to see how far he could take Vikings this year and continue his consecutive start streak.

2. Did you see Adrian Peterson trying to block Patrick Willis? For a running back that big and known for his brute physicality; he gave the weakest half-hearted attempt to block i’ve ever seen by a player his size. Chester Taylor was amazing at picking up blocks and going out in pass patterns on third and distance last year. We’ll see if Peterson could get better or if Toby Gerhart could fill that role. Favre won’t finish season if Vikings can’t solidify a pass blocking running back. Mark it down…

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3 thoughts on “Video: Brett Favre Goes Down and He Goes Down Hard

  • Pretty crappy attempt at showing Favre getting knocked over. This wasn't even a hard hit, why exaggerate in the title? Seems like BSO saw the one and only chance to show Favre getting hit, so they jumped at the opportunity to air this video. Pretty crappy

  • thank you for sharing with us, I conceive this website really stands out : D.

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