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Video: Dwyane Wade Blocks Kids Self-Esteem…err…Shots

by BSO Staff | Posted on Sunday, August 15th, 2010
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Being that it is Sunday and all, I’m going to confess something. I no longer think Kobe Bryant is the big jerk I once thought he was. Kobe hasn’t exactly done anything noteworthy, but have a very quiet off season. So what has brought about this change of heart? The South Beach NWO.  Chris Bosh plays with people’s emotions and thinks it’s fun, LeBron( I don’t have time to touch all of that) and now Dwyane Wade is blocking kids shots at a clinic during the World Basketball Festival in New York City.

Wade finds it comical to block the shot and taunt the poor kid, and the second time you can see the kid basically walk off as if he doesn’t care.  I swear, I thought when star athletes hold clinics, it’s to build a child’s self-esteem and work on fundamentals.  Getting your shot blocked by a professional athlete and have them taunt you, it’s not something you’re going back home and share that with the homies.

The merging of these three talents on one team has somehow given them a perceived cloak of invisibility(Harry Potter).  They’ve assumed the championship is theirs and that all will be forgotten once the banner is hung.  Whether these actions are a ‘show’ or their real personalities, is a line that is quickly becoming blurred.  You can only pretend to be a jackass so long before you actually become a jackass.  Get it together South Beach NWO, the season is long and hard, and every arena and every loss will be directly related to this off season of antics.

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