Why Some Athletes Shouldn’t Have Twitter, Exhibit F(ail): Brandon Jennings Lady Gaga Dance

I really thought after my last post, these NBA players would get the point about these random displays of boredom on camera, but apparently I was wrong.

Now of all the exhibits I have presented over the last 3 months or so, this is by far the most disturbing.

I present to the Jury…. a Brandon Jennings, Lady Gaga  backup dancer audition tape…..yes you read right

Now this cannot be excused… David Stern this is where you must draw the line

And Brandon Jennings…….

Is this what is hot in the streets right now?

I don’t know about ya’ll but the fact that those hand gestures and movements look so natural to Jennings makes me very uncomfortable and why did dude choose this video of all videos to debut is freshly pierced lip ring?

Jennings must have befriended Glen Davis in the off season because this is unacceptable.

There is no way David Stern should remain silent about such antics and the time is now for him to bring an end to all these athletes getting on camera and displaying such behavior….  I AM BEGGING YOU STERN…DO SOMETHING, MY NERVES CAN’T TAKE MUCH MORE

Either way John Amaechi is somewhere right now, proud as a new father

This must end

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17 thoughts on “Why Some Athletes Shouldn’t Have Twitter, Exhibit F(ail): Brandon Jennings Lady Gaga Dance

  • He said he lost a bet, and the lip piercing was fake. Either way this doesn't concern me, him tweeting kat stacks on the other hand…

  • I just got my laugh got the day!!!lmao Omg…he looks just like one of da chiren!!2 snaps for the kids!!

  • It's okay to be comfortable, but that n|gga was looking TOO comfortable..

  • look at the feminism in that dudes eyes he is definetly a [email protected], what grown man esp a nba baller goes online to lady gaga with handle twirls and eye stares like its nothing

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