Matt Barnes Shows Off Being A Family Man Before Appearing In Court

The day before he takes his case to court, Los Angeles Lakers Matt Barnes plays to the court of public opinion.  Last Thursday, Barnes was arrested on charges of domestice violence. Even then, he took time to tweet and say, “Don’t let your ears witness what your eyes didn’t see.” So last night, the night before he is to appear in court for the charge, he tweets some pictures of him and his sons.

Barnes tweets that ‘Isaiah and Carter want to learn the triangle offense.”

I’m guessing Barnes hopes his judge follows him on twitter and this may soften his heart…*JaMarcus shrug*

I wasn’t there and can’t tell you what happened Thursday night. I can tell you what it SOUNDS like: Matt and Gloria(Fiancee and baby momma) got into a fight, Matt was probably winning THIS time and Glorida calls the police.  I’m sure Gloria called the police to  just to get him off of her, but she needs to know for the future, that’s not their job. If you call the police, they won’t just break it up and let you and your significant other get to the business of making up, someone is going to jail.

So Gloria, when you’re in court today, it doesn’t really matter what you say, you called 911 for a reason and it’s that reason your fiancee is in front of the court. Yes, you’re probably the one that took the pictures of Matt and the boys, but that doesn’t mean violence didn’t take place last Thursday.

Good luck to the both of them, for the children sake.  They are beautiful and need a stable home.