Antonio Cromartie on The Jets: “We are the Miami Heat of Football”

I appreciate some quality trash talking.

My favorite players of all time are Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin, so I am pro puffing your chest out a bit.

That is what I like about the Jets, even if I think it will be their downfall.

They are dropping all types of professional ether:

Cromartie: “We are the Miami Heat of Football”

Ryan: “If you doubt me, “I’m going to show you and prove you wrong.”

Sanchez: “”I was like, ‘Geez! What’s going on here? We’re building a dream team.”

Scott: “It’s much more fun to be the villain than the hero.”

I love that last quote by Bart Scott because it is true, but to be a great villain you have to be able to produce on the field.

The reason Mike Tyson or modern day Floyd Mayweather were great villains are become they win.

The Raiders were great villains because they were outlaws that won.  Once Tyson got knocked out a few times and the Raiders started to be awful, the allure of being the bully wore off.

The Jets are basically saying hit us with your best shot, we are going to take it and knock you out (then get a snack).

I personally think the Jets will be more Zab Judah than Floyd Mayweather, but that is why they play the games.

Lebron James does not approve this post:

6 thoughts on “Antonio Cromartie on The Jets: “We are the Miami Heat of Football”

  • The premise is cool but they truly need a lesson in trash talkin' a-la Stone COLD Steve Austin or The Rock (RIP) N.K.A. Dwayne "Disney" Johnson.
    P.S. Your NFL week one picks are actually on point… even though your model for trash talking leaves something to be desired.

  • I still love that 99 yard touchdown pass Sanchez threw in the saints game even though it was to darren sharper it was nice pass.

  • Interesting that you're a fan of two of the most overrated players in NFL history

    • One Hall of Famer and one future 1st ballot Hall of Famer? 5 Rings between them? ok…

      • and ur point is he is a loser lebron is a quiter and a loser

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