Brandon Marshall on Sterling Sharpe: “He Wasn’t a Hall of Famer Player”

This is a good time for me to clear up a misconception that I have heard lately about my stance on players making public statements.  The complaint goes something like this:

“Rob what’s wrong with a player speaking out if that is how he feels?”

Normally there are some curse words, but that is the PG version.  To answer the question, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a player speaking his mind.  I encourage free speech I want to hear what a player is really feeling, not fake politically correct answers.

It is their right as a citizen of the United States of America to say whatever they want, but just like I have to deal with people reacting to everything I say publicly, they do to same.  If they say something I deem asinine I am going to speak about it that is what I am paid very small amounts of money to do.  Nothing personal, just my opinion on the statement, not trying to change yours, just giving mine.

Which brings us to Dolphins Wide Receiver Brandon Marshall who was not pleased at how some of the analysts on the NFL Network broke down his play during last week Sunday Night loss to the Jets.  Here is what he had to say:

“What those guys are saying, that’s just them trying to, I don’t know, sound good and sound like they know what they’re talking about,” said Marshall, a Pro Bowl wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins has caught 100 or more passes in each of the last three seasons. “Those guys never coached and I don’t honestly think that those guys were elite players, including Sterling Sharpe. I’ve got to turn on the film and see what he was able to do. I know he’s done some good things, but from my understanding he’s not a Hall-of-Fame player.”

From my understand it sounds like Marshall doesn’t know what in the blue hell he is talking about.

As someone who watched Sterling Sharpe the only reason Sharpe isn’t in the Hall of Fame is because of the a ending neck injury that shorten his career.

There weren’t many receivers even close to Jerry Rice in his prime, but Sterling Sharpe was one.

I wouldn’t expect these young guys to do any real research on the players that help pave the way before them, so I am not surprise by Marshall’s statement.

Sterling Sharpe was catching 100 passes a year before it became normal.

Brandon Marshall is a very good receiver but he shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath as Sterling Sharpe until he put some more years in.

As for the criticism of his play, these people are paid to critique. Instead of lashing out, you might want to pay attention. you never know what they could have picked up that you might have missed. As someone told me you can learn something from even your greatest hater if you learn to separate the white noise from the valuable information.

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