Brandon Spikes Loses $60,000 Reebok Deal Over Sex Tape Scandal

This is a good lesson for young athletes worldwide who have aspirations in professional sports.

Lesson is pretty simple:


Brandon Spikes had an endorsement deal with Reebok on the table, but after Reebok caught wind of “Lil Brandon” in the streets they pulled the offer.  Here are the details:

Given the sexually-explicit video of Brandon Spikes making the rounds on the Internet, Reebok has decided against finalizing the endorsement deal it had proposed for the Patriots rookie linebacker, essentially pulling it off the table.


According to “What Would Joe Namath Do?”, a blog site that initially caught wind of Spikes being dumped by Reebok, the deal was worth $60,000 with on-field achievement incentives that had the potential to increase its value.

For a second round pick 60gs is a nice amount of side money to pocket. He could have made a professional sex tape with Montana Fishburne with that type of dough, but I digress.


Reebok speaks:

“The media reports that Reebok has terminated an endorsement contract with Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes are completely false,” said Reebok spokesperson Dan Sarro.  “Reebok never had a deal with Brandon.  The story was reported without confirmation from Reebok, and as a result inaccurate information is now being reported as fact.  We had discussions with Brandon earlier this summer, as we do with many NFL players, but no agreement has been reached and he is not currently under contract with Reebok.”

Actually no one I saw reported that Spikes had a deal with Reebok, what was reported that Reebok was considering offering him a deal and after his web cam episodes decided not to.

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