Braylon Edwards Arrested on Suspicion of DUI

After having a pretty good game this weekend against the rival Pats, Braylon goes and gets a DUI NYPost reports. It’s not even monday after the game, it’s the day after the day after the big game(understand). In any case, here are the details.

Jets’ wide receiver Braylon Edwards was busted on a drunken driving charge early this morning, after cops pulled him over on the West Side and found he had double the legal limit of alcohol in his system, cops said.

Edwards, 27, was arrested at 5:15 a.m. and charged with DWI, after cops pulled over his Range Rover at 34th Street and 12th Avenue for having overly-tinted windows. Police said they smelled alcohol and Edwards blew a 0.16 on a Breathalyzer, or double the state’s legal limit of 0.08, cops said.

A passenger was with Edwards but it doesn’t appear they were charged. Edwards is currently in police custody, and will be arraigned later today.

Not behavior becoming of a Michigan man and if he blew twice the legal limit, o boy. NYC has been sensitive to drunk driving situation in which there have been way to many fatalities. So similar to Plaxico, Braylon could very well be made an example of, so be ready for the heat man. He also got in trouble for beefing w/Lebron’s boy before, so this might hurt his case if he is suspended or fined. Another bad thing, he was fighting for contract this year, don’t expect a big contract now. Once labeled a “problem player” you’re screwed, asked T.O.

Of course he tweeted (He or his handler have since deleted tweet, I luckily got screengrab as proof. He also tweeted Djclue if that means anything to anybody) “GoodMorning World…Winning is the goal, perfection is the aspiration, & dedication is the key to unlock the door#LetsWork“.
Don’t know if its a smoke screen or not by someone to act like he wasn’t in jail. That being said, I doubt your allowed to tweet in police custody. In any case, it seems like Braylon was partying at Meatpacking district Lounge, The Griifin, w/DJ Clue dougie’ing the night away(Looks fancy btw).

Don’t know if any incriminating pics will arise. If I’m his handlers i’m emailing/texting everyone he was with last night to delete any incriminating pics. If I see or find any, I will post, for journalistic purposes of course.

More details will come out soon enough. It’s just something else the Jets have to deal with. I doubt he will get the Plaxico treatment and be cast away from team. But if they do, Santonio Holmes is coming right around the corner from his suspension. They can manage without him.

PS, Don’t Drink & Drive kids. He had a passenger, if they were sober they should have taken wheel or called cab. If they weren’t sober. they should be praying that they didn’t hurt someone or themselves. Hopefully this is a wake-up call for Braylon. Seeing that Jets have spearheaded initiative to train players on dealing with media. Maybe they can have another initiative lead by Braylon Edwards against drunk driving.

WSHH has remixed his dougie video, enjoy….


NY Jets have tweeted : “Mike T. on Braylon Edwards: “We are reviewing the information with the league and will impose the appropriate disciplinary measures.”

We’ll see, a few people have good points. @Dangrazianoaol of Fanhouse tweets interesting things.

1)Vincent Jackson got a 3-game suspension for his SECOND DUI offense. If this is Braylon’s first, he might not get that much.

2)NFL Safe Ride program provides every player a phone number they can call for a no-questions-asked ride. Braylon DUI totally inexcusable.

3)NFL personal conduct policy is open-ended. Goodell could decide DUI+last May’s incident = suspension. Or, not.

@mortreport tweets Braylon Edwards DWI does not fall under personal conduct policy, per CBA. It is under substance, if no extenuating circumstances.

It’s just something to keep in mind what could happen in the future. I’ll be fully expecting Mayor Bloomberg, Mayor of NYC to be posting a twitter, “Athletes have no special treatment in NY” . Hear that Braylon.

4 thoughts on “Braylon Edwards Arrested on Suspicion of DUI

  • figures he got pinched for drunk driving– lookit that whino beard he rockin! dude look like a pirate.

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