Chicago Bulls Discussing Trading For Carmelo Anthony..Joakin Noah Key Piece

Last night we reported how behind the scenes Melo and his representatives are trying to get the Nuggets to trade him to either the Knicks or Bulls before the beginning of the season.

While the Nuggets publicly are laying low, the Bulls are discussing the possibility here are the details:

The Chicago Bulls are interested in trading for the Denver Nuggets’ Carmelo Anthony and are discussing internally including Joakim Noah as part of the deal, according to a league source.

According to the source, the Nuggets are hesitant to take back Luol Deng as part of a deal with the Bulls because Denver is leery of taking on long-term contracts with the collective bargaining agreement set to expire on June 30, 2011. Deng is two years into a six-year, $71 million contract.

Luol Deng has become the Roy Williams of the NBA.

With that being said two things need to discussed:

1- How is the weed supply in Denver? (Noah asked this question).
2- If you bring in Melo but give up Noah is that enough to compete with the South Beach NWO and the other powers in the East?

If I was the Nuggets I would demand Noah, but if I was the Bulls I would think long and hard about getting rid of him.

Every championship team has a “Noah” type, so while Carmelo is the far better player would it make the Bulls a better team?

4 thoughts on “Chicago Bulls Discussing Trading For Carmelo Anthony..Joakin Noah Key Piece

  • I agree Rob to give up Noah just put the Bulls back a step. Will Chicago become Denver of the East because who on that team will rebound, play defense, add toughness, or hustle. Remember Noah was the one who checked Lebron after all his dancing and cooning. Doesn’t make sense

    • Basically…good comparison of Denver of East…I like Melo on the Bulls, but he is poor defender…He and Rose aren't enough

  • Did we forget Boozer was on that team?

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