Chicago Bulls Joakim Noah Photoed Out and About..Again..Is He High?

Joakim Noah really seems to come across as a loner. He’s not into having an entourage, he’s not your typical young, rich basketball player.  So the chances of him getting into a fight in the club are slim to nil. But there is something going on with Noah. As you recall, he was shopping for bongs while injured last season. Now the folks at have received ANOTHER photo of Joakim Noah looking ….well, you decide for yourself.

This photo was taken at the airport. If the shoe bomber and a ‘zooted’ seven footer can make it on a plane, we really need to revisit our Homeland Security policy.

Deadspin stated that are inundated with these type of photos of Noah.  It makes you question just how random the NBA drug testing really is.  Noah hasn’t served any suspension for any failed drug tests, yet it is obvious that he doesn’t have a problem ‘inhaling’.  This also brings to mind that the truth about former NFL quarterback JaMarcus Russell’s usage of ‘sizzurp’ didn’t come from a failed drug test while he was playing, but a police arrest. Come to think of it, the same with Green Bay Packer Johnny Jolly.

It think it’s safe to say professional sports drug testing policy is a farce.  Those that get caught, want to get caught(a’la Goodfellas). Well except for Brian Cushing, but he was a rookie, I’m sure he wasn’t taught the ropes yet.

It’s a sobering thought to realizing that these drug testing policies are in place just as window dressing. They really don’t want to know what’s going on, just perform on the field or court and make that money.

9 thoughts on “Chicago Bulls Joakim Noah Photoed Out and About..Again..Is He High?

  • are you interviewing for mariotti's job. stop hating.

  • Ummm….I haven't smoked weed.

  • Deadspin is full of shit. He not out trying to rape chicks or getting locked up. He chilling. And until he fails a test it is what it is. Some of these gossip sites ain’t shit. Report on some important stuff.

  • So being out in public high isn't the potential for getting locked up?

  • Amazing reporting…dude looks tired so he's obviously fucked up on drugs??

    Ever think that maybe he just got off a fucking plane?

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