CJ Watson on Floyd Mayweather Baby Momma Josie Harris: “We Aren’t Dating”

Somebody is lying, the question is who?

Was Floyd Mayweather’s baby momma Josie Harris lying about dating Bulls guard CJ Watson just to make Mayweather jealous?

Is CJ Watson lying about not breaking lamps with Harris, so his long term girlfriend doesn’t find out or he is scared Mayweather might come looking for him?

TMZ.com has more details on the love triangle:

Chicago Bulls point guard C.J. Watson wants to make one thing perfectly clear — he has never … nor will he ever … date Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s baby mama … despite what she told police.

Multiple sources close to C.J. — including his father Charles Watson — tell TMZ that the NBA player is only in a relationship with his longtime girlfriend Danielle — with whom he has a child.

C.J.’s dad — who says he talks to C.J. every day — also tells us, “I know for sure that Josie is not his girlfriend … she did some event planning for C.J., but other than that, they have no relationship whatsoever.”

Charles adds, “C.J. would never do anything like that to Mayweather [Jr.] … he doesn’t need that.”

My guess and that is all it is, is that Watson played a little Bed Gammon with Miss Harris. They were sending flirting text messages when Mayweather confronting her. She proceeds to lied and said they were dating to make Floyd mad.

Watson is probably telling the truth they aren’t dating, but left out the part about naked twister.

Once again for the record Floyd hasn’t be charged with any domestic violence crime.

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