Darrelle Revis on Randy Moss: “He Played Like a Slouch”

In the first game that Revis played against Moss last year he shut him down, but upon reviewing the game tape Revis had some help.

The reason why the Jets defense can be so agressive is because Revis is an excellent corner, but Rex Ryan puts him in a position to be very physical at the line of scrimmage because of a single safety deep that is often shady to Revis’ side.

Revis is great at the line of scrimmage jamming and disrupting routes.  He also has remarkable make up speed on deep routes.  He is one of the best corners in the game, but the scheme helps him to great (that is what good coaches do).

Now Moss has been known to “slouch” if he isn’t getting the ball, he is also known to  dominate even the best corners if he is highly motivated.  Revis called him a slouch last year, Moss didn’t like it, but Revis  backing down from those statements here is what he had to say:

“Obviously, if he’s speaking that … I’m sure it was on his mind in the offseason,” the Jets’ star cornerback said Wednesday.

Moss said Revis received plenty of safety help. Revis dismissed that notion, calling Moss a “slouch” during a TV interview last January in which he was playing a word-association game.

Reminded of that quote, Revis refused to back away from it.

“When I played him the first game last year, I called him a slouch for a reason, because that game, he played like a slouch. That’s the simple point,” said Revis, adding that he still has great respect for Moss.

This is all great trash talking and what not, but here is the problem and I have pointed this out several times.   Darrelle Revis will not determine how the Jets season goes.  The Jets have a great defense, one of the best I have seen in a very long time.

When you play great defense you will always be in ball games, the problem is the Jets offense.

It doesn’t matter if Revis holds Moss to zero catches and zero yards, Tom Brady will figure out how to get the Patriots a few points, the question begs can Mark Sanchez do the same?

If he can’t the Jets will be 0-2 and be on a “island” of there own.

3 thoughts on “Darrelle Revis on Randy Moss: “He Played Like a Slouch”

  • You don't get many grudge matches in professional team sports nowadays. When they come along, my attention is heightened that much more. I can't wait to see the Jets take on the Pats this Sunday. It is early in the season, but I would label this game as a must-win for the Jets. It is correct that Revis is not going to be the determining factor in how this season plays out. Sanchez and the ability of the NYJ offense to put points on the board will be. I want to see how Moss responds to being called out by Darrelle. Even though Moss is in his 13th season, I don't think there is a more dangerous deep threat in the league than him. I have to believe at some point Sunday he will get open deep and burn the Jet secondary.

  • Belichecks' offensive game plan ought to be run Moss deep and fast the whole first half…. maybe he can snap Revis's sore hamstring… and then his season is over..

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