Delonte West Speaks On Gloria James Affair Rumors

While most people were focused on the South Beach NWO and Carmelo Anthony at their respective media days, Delonte West calmly and quietly spoke about his interesting off season.

He refused to talk about his gun case, that he copped to a plea deal for, but he did speak about the rumors that he was breaking lamps with Lebron James’ mom Gloria.

Here is the quote when asked if the rumors were true:

“I come from an era where you don’t say nothing bad about someone’s parent, so not at all.”

I wouldn’t call it a strong denial, it was more of a “mind your business” type of comment.

If you like drama you are hoping that Delonte makes the Celtics (his spot isn’t a given), because when the Heat and Celtics face off the subplots will be thick.

The conspiracy theorists say that is the only reason West was signed at all was to get into Lebron’s head. I think that is a bit far fetched, but if it is effective more power to the Celtics.

10 thoughts on “Delonte West Speaks On Gloria James Affair Rumors

  • Seriously, that this is a news story reflects badly upon Do you see reputable news orgs picking up on this story, one that is potentially defamatory to both West and James? Then again, that there is even a website with "Black" as a qualifier to "Sports Online" tells me that race has way too much prominence in something that should be judged on the skill of the players. The court/field/track/rink is a meritocracy, and the best athletes excel. If I posted a "White Sports Online" site I would be harassed, vilified and then likely prosecuted.

    PS: To the right, on the sidebar, the most popular search is "black booty." Grow up, take a cold shower and start treating women as God intended. Oh, and Mr. Littal, as you make money off this site, know it is blood money for which you ultimately will be held accountable.

    • The story was confirmed by former basketball player (NBA hall of famer) Calvin Murphy right after the playoffs. Calvin works for ESPN radio in Houston. The people in Cleveland new about this. Why do you think Clevelanders were so Jacked Out when Lebron fled? Bubba this is newsworthy.

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