Dez Bryant Gets Tricked By Roy Williams Into $54,896 Dinner Bill

He would have been better off just carrying the pads.

Bryant signed a 5 year 11.8 million contract with an 8.5 million guranteed, so while he isn’t hurting for cash , but almost$55,000 still makes a dent unless you have Jay Z money.

Far be it for me to tell someone how to spend their money, but I am sure that $55,000 could have been better used than on other millionaires who don’t really need anyone getting the check for them.

I don’t think Bryant had intentions of spending that much, but Roy Williams made sure that he didn’t have much of a choice.

Here are the details:

Monday night at Pappas Bros. Steakhouse, Bryant took the offensive players out, then Williams invited the defensive players and when the night was over the bill came: $54,896.

“They got the young fella,” said Bryant’s adviser David Wells. “What could he say? He had to pay it unless he wanted to wash dishes for a month.”

Players ordered basically everything on the menu and even took home bottles of wine.

After checking out the winebook, which is 90 pages, we wonder if anyone purchased the Chateau Latour for $9,000.

Then we figured a few players got that Plumpjack Reserve for $600.

No one knows if Bryant just shrugged it off or if he was annoyed that he probably spent 5x times what he intended to pay.

One person we know was happy was whoever was their waiter or waitress.

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5 thoughts on “Dez Bryant Gets Tricked By Roy Williams Into $54,896 Dinner Bill

  • I guess that's payback for not carrying his pads during training camp. Looking back I bet he wished he had just carried the pads instead.

  • I am sure he is pissed and pat back is a bitch and but it might b all in fun but lets stop and think 4 a minute wasting that kind of money while other people are starving that is kind of gossip we do not need 2 listen 2

  • I'm sorry, but that's just grimy. Even though it was probably a joke, you don't fool around when it comes to money, especially when someone's trying to do something nice. He's already agreed to pay for meals, why do the rest of you millionaires get a kick out of ordering any and every item you see just for shyts and giggles? Roy Williams, are you that immature?

    Hahah funny, now who's going to fork over 25k to front the rest of this bill…..? No, Seriously.

    Thats what I woulda said.

  • Yo give me a break, people with money do that kind of stuff from time to time, if you got the money, you laugh, talk shit, pay the bill and keep it moving. Itz the comradery and trust thats built when you are part of the organization. They all make big bucks so its no sweat. People who havent experienced that level of money will probably never fully understand how a person with money thinks. A $54K dinner bill and he signed for 10 digits +? He'll make that back in interest on his money. Lighten up and be happy for a brotha can do that and a helluva lot more…

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