Floyd Mayweather Arrested on Grand Larceny, Not Domestic Violence Against Josie Harris

Interesting developments in the Floyd Mayweather vs. Josie Harris alleged domestic violence case.

Mayweather has been arrested, but not on domestic violence, but for what amounts to stealing.  TMZ.com has the details:

As we first reported, Josie Harris called the police at around 5 AM yesterday from her home in Vegas — and when cops arrived she told them the professional boxer had attacked her and threatened to kill her.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Mayweather was arrested and booked for grand larceny related to the domestic incident.  According to the report, Mayweather allegedly took personal items from Harris’ house.  

Mayweather reportedly has not been arrested for domestic violence — at least not yet.

As of right now domestic violence charges have not been filed.  I find that a bit odd, since the call to police was for a domestic abuse claim and according to Miss Harris, Mayweather beat him and threatened to kill her.

The larceny charge is not as serious and Mayweather is being held on a $3000 bail (as oppose to the $50,000 bail that Matt Barnes and Jay Mariotti had).

It could be possible the Las Vegas PD used the larceny charge to force Mayweather to come in and domestic violence chargers could be forthcoming.

As for now all we know is Mayweather was booked on taking a few items from Miss Harris that were not his.

As more info comes to light we will keep you updated.

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