Floyd Mayweather Charged With Felony Counts of Coercion & Robbery..Misdeamenor Battery

When Floyd Mayweather was charged with just Grand Larceny last week, the Las Vegas PD said they were still investigating and cautioned more charges may come.

Those charges have arrived against Floyd Mayweather, four felony counts and four misdemeanors.

TMZ.com has the details:

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has officially been charged with felony counts of coercion, robbery and grand larceny — as well as four misdemeanors — for the alleged domestic incident with his baby mama in Las Vegas.

According to the Clark County District Attorney the misdemeanors are battery, and three counts of harassment.

The coercion and harassment counts include alleged threats Mayweather made against his sons. According to the docs, the boxer threatened to beat his kids’ asses if they “called 911 and/or left the residence.”

If convicted of all charges, Floyd could spend up to 28 years behind bars.


It is pretty clear that something happened and once again if Mayweather put his hands on Josie Harris, he should be in jail. Considering that his children were witnesses makes it even worse.

Mayweather has not made a statement (I am sure 50 Cent will have something to say), but as I have stated frequently the last couple of days, there are plenty of women in the world there is no need to go to jail over one.  No matter how upset or jealous you are.  I rather you file 500 Million lawsuits than taking mugshots.

Keep your hands to yourself.

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  • Listenin to Teflon Don chop n screwed…. Damn is this Devil music??

  • Floyd Floyd Floyd. SMH. He gonna need that money to get out of this. He better line up another fight, cause he's gonna need to bring the spirit Cochran back.

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