Floyd Mayweather Upset Baby Momma Josie Harris Dating NBA Player CJ Watson

Men get into fights over the following things:

  1. Women
  2. Money
  3. Drugs
  4. Sports
  5. Music

In the alleged incident between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Josie Harris we have three out of the five involved (if Mayweather drops a single on Filthy Rich Records and Ricky Hatton shows up we could have 5 out of 5).

According to TMZ.com Mayweather is upset that Harris confirmed she was seeing Chicago Bulls guard CJ Watson. Here are the details:

According to the report, Mayweather read text messages on Josie’s phone … which included messages from C.J. Watson (pictured below), who plays for the Chicago Bulls. According to the report, Mayweather screamed, “‘Are you having sex with C.J.?’ Harris replied, ‘Yes, that is who I’m seeing now.'”

According to the report, the 10-year-old son of Mayweather and Harris told cops he “saw his dad was on his mother and was hitting and kicking her.”

According to the report, “Harris stated that Mayweather began yelling at Harris, ‘I’m going to kill you and the man your (sic) are messing around with.’ He also stated, ‘I’m going to have you both disappear.’


I know it is hard fellas, but just because you ex or your baby momma is seeing someone else you have to keep it civil.  Even if the woman is trying to make you jealous or push your buttons you have to keep your cool.

It once again should be noted that Mayweather has not been charged with domestic assault as Miss Harris alleges in the police report.

It is an interesting read and if true very disturbing that Mayweather would do something like that in front of his kids.

It says the matter is still under investigation, but the Las Vegas police department has been mum on the situation since charging Mayweather with grand larceny for a missing iPhone.

As more details arise we will update.

17 thoughts on “Floyd Mayweather Upset Baby Momma Josie Harris Dating NBA Player CJ Watson

  • What?? you mean 50 cent hasn't commented on this yet? no tweets explaining it?? hmmmm…i'm shocked!

    • I am sure he is at the computer now

  • Wow. Apparently 'Money' is a slice of ham short of a sammich. o.O Outside of jail, what will it take for him to #sithisassdownandhush?

  • Just a thought, if he was really kicking and hitting her, there should be some marks on her right? Or does she just have tough skin?

  • WTF do you mean, even if she is trying to MAKE YOU JEALOUS OR PUSH YOUR BUTTONS?? WTF are you talking about??? If he didn't want this to happen, he should have MARRIED HER. Clearly, he has NO INTEREST in creating a black family with her after she has THREE OF HIS CHILDREN, but you boil this BULLSHIT down to PUSHING SOME NEGRO'S BUTTONS? HE REFUSES TO MARRY HER!!! SOMEONE ELSE WANTS HER!!! HE WILL BE OOOOOOKKKKKKK!!

    Making him jealous, PLEASE, how juvenile are you right now? So, domestic violence is somehow OK, if your BABYMAMA doesn't want to spend the rest of her GOOD YEARS waiting on you and the NEXT MAN want's to have a relationship???

    Where the F**K they do that at???

    • i think its clear what is going on here Floyd wants his cake and wants Josie to wait for hin to eat it to but CJ came and picked her up as a jewel sorry money may you snozze u losse

    • Sounds like a bitter woman response from Londonbyatch……..so he should marry her to prevent her from cheating? Go somewhere with that…….I dont condone anything Mayweather did, but dont make it seem like Josie is the innocent victim here. Londonbyatch, I know its rough for u in this world based on your mindset, take some advice, there's always 2 sides to a story, chill out…….

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