Former NBA MVP Allen Iverson To Play In China?

I think we can all agree that Michael Jordan playing on the Washington Wizards was a sign of the end of his career.  It was the equivalent of  Frank Sinatra singing after his voice was gone.  Former All-Star and NBA MVP Allen Iverson is in the same boat, but his boat will take him much further than the Potomac River. The 35-year-old guard is in talks with Foshan (the new name of Shaanxi) for the next season, according to sources from the Chinese team.

I’m sure the ‘star’ of Iverson feels somewhat diminished having to resort to playing overseas, but the exchange rate will probably make up for that. Iverson will no doubt be the star of the team, and that would suit him just fine since being a role player is not in his personality. But can you really be a star when surrounded by such inferior talent?

If he signs with the Foshan, he would play against Stephon Marbury at some point during the season.  I’m sure the game will air on one of ESPN’s many channels…..*blank stare*

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  • the exchange rate sux!! in china.. it was at one point 6 rgb to 1 us dollar… smh… not for money more than likely …

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