Giants RB Brandon Jacobs Wants To Be Traded

The Year of Moistness continues.

Here are the facts, Ahmad Bradshaw is a better running back than Brandon Jacobs. Jacobs even though he is one of the bigger backs in the league, is one of the worse in regards to short yardage and goal line conversions.

Jacobs claims to be a team player, but he has being acting like a big baby (no dougie) since Bradshaw took his job. has the details of him asking for a trade:

A report from Vinny DiTrani, longtime writer of the Bergen Record that just can’t stop covering Big Blue. DiTrani reports that Jacobs will meet with Giants management Monday and request a trade.

If you watched the game last night, even though the Giants were blown out, it was obvious why Bradshaw is the #1 back. He ran hard and with purpose while Jacobs once again tried to run like Barry Sanders and failed miserably.

In his frustrations he tried to throw his helmet and even he failed at that, as the helmet ended up in the stands. After that Jacobs was benched and rightfully so.

Jacobs must have talked to Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul because he wants out and to be honest the Giants would be better off without him, so if they could get something decent in return for him they should get rid of him.

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