Hank Baskett is Released from the Eagles; Signs w/Vikings

According to Jeff McLane of The Philidelphia Inquierer, Hank Baskett has been released from the Eagles in order to make room for Joique Bell. Why is this relevant? It is not relevant because his career stats were good/bad or that he probably cost Colts the Superbowl. Its because he is Mr.Kendra Wilkinson of the Kendra show. Wonder how his dismissal will affect the show’s plot and their relationship. That being said, it hasn’t been a good 24 hours for reality show boyfriends. First Reggie Bush, former Kardashian show bf, goes down with an injury and now Baskett is jobless. Ocho and T.O., watchout, don’t get bit by the reality TV curse, haha.

In any case, I have a suggestion. Now that Braylon is looking at a possible suspension and/or fine, Jets should sign him. He probably has better hands than Braylon and it can be like Hard Knocks part 2 with Kendra as new star instead of Rex Ryan. Ok thats excessive. Jets have too much drama already, but if it happens, o boy, should be interesting. Now a nice Gif to sum up Hank’s life past few years via AngryblkmanDC


Jason La Canfora of NFL.com tweets : “WR Hank Baskett will be signing with the Vikings after being released earlier in the day by Philly”

Crazy Sports day. In any case, I gets this might put kabash on Vikings pursuit of Vincent Jackson. Or maybe not, obviously not comparing Vicent Jackson to Baskett’s ability, but with a another WR on roster, they are not in great need. Then again, who knows. Percy Harvin has a hip injury and is questionable for next game. Vikings might need Hank as stop game for the time being and Vikes might still bring in Jackson, who knows. No word if Brett Favre had a word in this acquisition.

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  • Skins fans on the radio are already tombout scoopin him up since he is familiar with McNabb.

  • He is a good special teams player a lot of teams need a guy like him right now

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