Included with your Ochocinco Cereal: A Sex Line…

Yes, that’s what I said, a sex line. There was a pretty huge gaffe when product was finally delivered to markets that people just became aware of. Apparently numbers where wrong for children charity line and calls instead were directed to sex line. has details. “The number on boxes, 1-800-HELP-FTC, connects callers to a seductive-sounding woman’s voice and music. She teases in shocking detail and then asks for a debit or credit card number: “You must be 18 or older to get into this party, baby!”

“According to their Web site, the correct number is 1-888-HELP-FTC. A woman who answered the phone there Thursday morning declined comment and directed a reporter to the organization’s main office in Oklahoma.”

First, LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO, ROFLLLLLL, DEAD, etc. Ok, I got that out. Serious time.

The reporter Jenn Baker called store where the cereal is being distributed to see if cereal has been taken off shelves and it doesn’t seem like they have. They tried to contact Ocho and PBL Sports, the company who created cereal, to no avail. Then another news outlet contacted Ocho and he said:

“that the number was clearly a mistake for which he was not responsible. He is confident that PBL Sports will fix the problem.”

Now if I was Ocho, I’d call somebody and have problem rectified, as in someone go to stores and buy all the boxes. Collectors are going to have fun with this when they find out. Then again, it might actually help his sales. Maybe it was a marketing ploy engineered by Ocho/PBT to sell his product (anyone know how sales have been going?). Ok, I’m getting a bit deep there. I’ll give them benefit of the doubt that it was an innocent mistake by someone. The question still remains though….

How does this happen? Who is on Ochocinco’s PR team? Who is his liaison with PBL Sports? Who was fact checking/editing person at PBL? When you sell anything with your name, anything less than perfection is unacceptable. Your name,your responsibility. It ultimately was just two digits, but it’s two digits too much.

Of course talking about digits, Chad posted his on twitter, allegedly, 513-235-8585. Call at your own risk, who knows what you’ll get…


3 thoughts on “Included with your Ochocinco Cereal: A Sex Line…

  • Blogging like you do is such an art and you obviously have that skill here – I don’t but I did find this that made me smile so maybe I can return the favour by making you smile too?

    The trouble with ignorance is that it picks up confidence as it goes along. 🙂

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