Jacory Harris Racist Tweeter Douglas Diaz Revealed

I have been on the internet for a long time.  I am one of the 1st 100 members of SOHH.com, was one of the original members of the Yahoo Rap Chat Room (back when they had chat rooms) and I have been on certain forums for over seven years.

Things like this don’t surprise me.

Computer courage has been running rampant online since Al Gore was acting like he created the internet.

Jacory Harris just learned a hard lesson, that most Internet Gangsters are obsessed fans.

Look at this tweet, before the Ohio State vs. Miami game:

It is obvious if Miami would have won, this guy would have been running his mouth about how great Jacory was.

Douglas Diaz is a poser, not a real man, just a moist dude who uses his keyboard to mask the fact that he is nothing but a punk.

My advice to Jacory is, don’t let them win.

People like this are on this earth to pull positive people down. It is a crab in a barrel mentality.

Don’t let it happen, just smile and keep doing what you do, because if push come to shove and Douglas was in the face of Jacory or Randy Shannon he wouldn’t say anything.

I know that, he knows and everyone knows that.

Trust me if they are hating that hard, you are doing something right.

Sports By Brooks have a full wrap up of all the tweets.

6 thoughts on “Jacory Harris Racist Tweeter Douglas Diaz Revealed

  • Reading his feed, you can tell he is an idiot. I live in Miami, I went to school with people like him. Ignore these fools.

  • With a last name like Diaz, I’d think he’d know better…


  • Sometimes I swear kids nowadays thank God for the internet every night: "THANK YOU!!! FINALLY!! I CAN SAY ANYTHING I WANT NOW!"

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