Jay Mariotti Charged With Four Counts Domestic Violence on Girlfriend

Just when Jay Mariotti and his leather jacket thought he was out of the woods the LA City Attorney has decided to charge him with four domestic violence count and other various things. TMZ.com has the details:

Famed sportswriter and ESPN personality Jay Mariotti has been charged for an alleged attack on his GF last month … and now we’ve learned he may have stolen her purse.

Now, the L.A. City Attorney has charged Mariotti with 7 misdemeanors … including 4 domestic violence charges, false imprisonment, vandalism and grand theft.

We’re told Mariotti is accused of taking his girlfriend’s purse and keys — and the purse is valued at more than $400.

If convicted on all charges — Mariotti could spend more than a year behind bars.

The most important thing about all these charges are that they are misdemeanors meaning the likelihood of a plea deal and probation are very high.

How that will effect Mariotti’s job at Fanhouse and relationship with ESPN we will see.

Who knew that Mariotti was such a fan of female purses that is very Bobby Trendy of him.

3 thoughts on “Jay Mariotti Charged With Four Counts Domestic Violence on Girlfriend

  • You know what's funny? During the game last night ESPN covered the alleged sexual harrasment by the Jets but didn't mention a damn thing about Mariotti. Just like they never mentioned the alleged inappropriate pics sent by Brett Favre.

    As a matter of fact this is the only sports site that covered all of the above.

    That's why I tell cats to check this site out. It's because you don't try to sweep shit under the rug.

    • if it is news I am reporting it, I don't care about the name, I am just concerned with the story

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