Jets (Dustin Keller) vs Media (Bart Hubbuch) Round 2 via Twitter

In case you haven’t heard Jets got in trouble for making a reporter Ines Sainz feel uncomfortable. PFT points at tweets by Bart Hubbach of the NYpost as proof of funny business with Ms.Sainz. Mr.Hubbuch has long since deleted those tweets. That being said, I’ve been following him for a while. Always insightful work on the NY teams. Today he tweets something else that is interesting and could have some ramifications.

“I was at Dustin Keller’s charity function last week, and booze flowed like crazy. Felt like a nightclub. So Edwards DWI doesn’t surprise me.” Screengrab in case deletes….

Not surprised that players drink, they are adults, grown men. This is sorta insinuating that Jets may have some alcoholics on board, in specific, Mr.Edwards. This considering his arrest today seems like questionable timing. I may been looking to into this too deep, in any case. Keller responded via his twitter.

In fact Keller did have a Charity at a driving range at Chelsea Piers which is literally five minutes or less driving from where Braylon was arrested if you know your NYC geography(via google maps). No word on how rowdy it was but at most, if not all fundraisers i’ve been to, there has been a substantial amount of alcohol. Main reason, makes people open up wallets and write big check, but I digress.

So far no response from Mr.Hubbuch. You have to believe he is going to start topping list of people Jets players will want to stay from if he keeps, inadvertently or purposely, getting Jets in trouble.

Just as I was going to send story for approval, we have a response from Mr. Hubbuch. He tweets:

“@DUSTINKELLER81 I got offered multiple drinks the first 10 minutes I was there in the very crowded upstairs meeting area with music blaring.”()

@DUSTINKELLER81 If that doesn’t fit the description of “felt like I nightclub,” then I don’t know what does.()

@DUSTINKELLER81 Wasn’t picking on you, Dustin. Just noting that a lot of these Tuesday NFL charity functions I cover have alcohol flowing.”()

Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay….Seems like the beef (if that’s what you want to call it) is squashed. Hubbuch get back to writing and Keller, get back to doing whatever NFL players do on a Tuesday. That being said, I’d love to be a fly on the wall, if and when they meet. Whether if it’s in the locker room or other place, like a charity fundraiser.