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Manny Ramirez Got a Haircut(Update)

by BSO Staff | Posted on Friday, September 3rd, 2010
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It has happened…Manny finally got a haircut according to tweet by Enrique Rojas of ESPN Deportes.It translates, “Manny has cut off 99 centimeters of hair and got shape up.” 99 centimeters is converted to 38.97 inches. So Manny is probably dreadlocksless. Want to see haircut? Well no video or photos are up yet(boo) and thanks to Hurricane Earl suspending today’s game at Boston, we probably won’t see haircut tonight. Don’t be mad at me yet. Most likely the first pics/video might end up on his barber’s website, who he flew in to give him his cut. Who knew that was the barber to athletes? Awesome job if you can get it. Barber flying on jets…Ballin…

I’m going out on a limb and saying its safe to say that he probably was never flown in by Rasheed Wallace or Tim Duncan.

So as we wait for the”new” Manny pictures, lets speculate how he looks. I bet he looks like this, minus the blonde, I hope.

Page 2 has more on Manny’s Hair History w/pics included…
Stay tuned for first pics of the “new” Manny…

Main photo via yahoo.

Now I guess Manny can’t bump Murs-Dreadlocks anymore…Unfortunate


So apprently the report was off. Manny didn’t cut 99 centimeter but 99 millimeters. I’m disappointed. I wanted to see that hair off. Here is a photo of the “trim.”

Of course, caught up in hair story I missed a major story, Manny actually apologized for his actions that caused his departure from Boston. People are questioning it’s sincerity, i.e. there is a twitter trending topic of #mannyapology. All I know is that this guy isn’t taking Manny’s apology.

On the brightside, Manny could still play dreadlocks. Now lets see how he performs the rest of the season. I expect good things.

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