Miami University(THE U) is Back…Fans Celebrate by Brawling in the Stands(Video)


So Miami could be back…Ranked 13 in the nation last night they throttled Florida A&M winning them 45-0. Yea, A&M isn’t that good so you can’t say much about it. Next week Miami has it’s real test when they face #2 ranked Ohio State University, who also won yesterday 45-7. It goes without saying that this game will have huge BCS implications. Ticket prices are already being gouged. In any case, how do Miami fans celebrate a victory last night? Fighting…..

WOW WOW WOW….This is pretty extreme. Bodies were flying everywhere. It looks like security got things in order smashing people with billy clubs to settle them down. Hopefully none of these guys were seriously hurt.

Way to start Labor Day Weekend, haha. Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend. No fights please, we have had enough of that…


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