Mo Williams: “I Almost Retire After Lebron Left, I Was Depressed”

I make fun of Moist Mo Williams a lot, but in general I am just joking around.

I wish no ill will upon him, yes he is emotional, but some men are just built like that, so when I say this to Mo Williams it isn’t to clown, but to ask some serious journalistic questions:

Mo do you wear women clothes?  Do you have a bunch of skirts in your closet?  Do you really like the color pink?  Do you like to Dougie?

Mo’s bathwaterslurping of Lebron James is truly embarrassing here is the latest:

Mo Williams is 27, healthy and has three years and $26 million remaining on his Cleveland Cavaliers contract. But none of that mattered much to him this summer after he watched LeBron James leave the Cavs to join the Miami Heat.

Williams said he was so depressed by James’ exit that he considered walking away from the NBA.

“That’s how bad it got,” Williams said. “I contemplated it. I really sat down and envisioned life after basketball. …I really saw myself not playing.

Mo Williams teamed with LeBron James to lead the Cavs to the NBA’s best record from 2009-10.

“It just didn’t make sense to me. …It doesn’t make sense to me.”

“This summer was very, very stressful for me,” Williams said. “I really lost a lot of love for the game this summer.



You were depressed?

You thought about retiring?

You lost your love of the game?

Mo Williams is like the kid in high school that the football players let sit at the lunch table from time to time, so he thinks they are boys, but when they have the big house party at the lake he doesn’t understand why he didn’t get his invitation.

I sort of feel sorry for Mo, but then I realize he is just being moist and needs to man up.

If I was Lebron I would file a restraining order against him or one of those 500 Million dollar lawsuits that Dwight Howard likes to file against Royce Reed.

Mo definitely has some Single White Female tendencies.

4 thoughts on “Mo Williams: “I Almost Retire After Lebron Left, I Was Depressed”

  • That's why Lebron had to leave. That team, organization, and city are a bunch of pussies.

  • kinda a bitch article to write. man, this dude thought he had a best friend in lebron and the guy just stopped talking to him, up and left. Id be pissed too and if that was the type of people I was meeting in this profession (NBA)….i would wanna leave too. I dont blame the guy and i have all the love in the world for Mo Williams, even if hes struggled in playoffs. Basically, from this summer on, i will always support anyone who opposes Lebron James.

    • You seems a bit upset as well. Tissues are available on the home page.

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