Mugshots: Can Braylon Edwards Be Suspended for His DUI Arrest

As we reported earlier, Braylon Edwards was busted for being double the legal limit for a DUI in the state of New York.

We wanted to clear up some of the legal and league ramifications that could be in store for Braylon.

DUI falls under the substance abuse policy, so unless Braylon is already in the drug program the NFL can not suspend him for a first offense under the drug policy.

In regards to the player conduct policy, Braylon has one strike against him from his incident in Cleveland, but until the legal process is completed in regards to the DUI, the NFL would be unlikely to take any action.

(View Pictures of Braylon Edwards Drinking Before The Arrest)

Braylon is on probation in Cleveland for his arrest on going Mike Tyson on a Lebron associate outside of a club.  It is unknown if the DUI puts him in violation of his probation agreement.

Lastly the Jets can “deactivate” Edwards as a way of suspending him without actually suspended him.  There are reports that haven’t been confirmed that will be the Jets plan of action.

Braylon could fight that via the players’ union claiming he is only being deactivated based on something that has nothing to do with football and that is breaking the rules of the collective bargaining agreement.

The question begs would Edwards want to cause that type of distraction on a team that already has plenty of distractions?

One thing is clear, Braylon Edwards won’t be a New York Jet in 2011, he and his beard will be playing elsewhere.

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