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Kay Kellogg Last Wish: To Meet Dwight Howard…

by BSO Staff | Posted on Wednesday, September 8th, 2010
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Stories like this make you appreciate roles athletes have in our lives and just life in general. Ms.Kay Kellogg, who suffers from Stage 3 Multiple Myeloma, has a a very special wish.The Orlando Sentinel reports Kay, a former ballerina for the Nutcracker, is an avid Orlando Magic fan. Even with a restricted income, she managed to buy season tickets to Orlando Magic games two years ago. She described the experience of seeing Dwight play, in her #12 Jersey Magc Jersey, as “heaven.” She has Multiple Myeloma, an aggressive form of cancer that is inoperable and incurable, but nevertheless her resolve for life remains. Her daughter knew her wish and notified the Magic that she wanted to meet Dwight. Wish came true.

They met a few days ago according to story. They were supposed to meet for 30 mins but ended up meeting for 2 hours. Their dialogue and interaction is funny, sad, and inspiring. The writer of story Mike Bianchi captures it best:

He has become my 7- foot-tall bottle of medicine,” Kay says

They laughed and talked and talked and laughed.

They talked about love and life — and death and divinity. She told him how she was in show business her whole life and loves basketball. He told her how he’s been in basketball his whole life and loves show business.

They compared the sizes of their hands and then Dwight gently grabbed her bare foot from the end of a recliner like Prince Charming grabbing Cinderella’s. He looked down and said sweetly, “How can this little foot hold up

They busted out laughing.

And then he asked her why — why is he the only one on her bucket list?

She looked at him and said, “Because some people get a choir that sings them into heaven and some people get a chariot that rolls them into heaven. Not me. I want to be slam-dunked smack, dab into the middle of heaven by Dwight Howard.”

They busted out laughing again.

By the time the visit was over, Dwight was affectionately calling her “Mama Kay” and she was lovingly calling him “My Dwight.”

“I’m not afraid to die,” she says. I’ve had a great life with great friends, a great job and I raised two great daughters. And now that I’ve met my Dwight, what more is there?”

Well, there is one thing. She smiles.

“I told Dwight to say a prayer so that I’m around long enough to see him play on opening night.”


Wow. If you didn’t feel anything, you need to get checked for a pulse. Definitely a touching story. We have many stories like this. The Make-a-Wish Foundation specials on ESPN come to mind. It makes you appreciate how well off most of us are in comparison to others. Its also great to see athletes making people who are in bleak situations feel great, especially these days. Its seems that we can’t go a day or even an hour without seeing negative stories of athletes on MTO, TMZ, and so on and so forth….Its good to see them in a positive light. Class act Dwight. As for Ms.Kellogg, first game at home is October 28 against Wizards. I’m sure you’ll find a way to see the game. Good Luck and God Speed….

Hat-tip  Slamonline for finding story…

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  1. Nathaniel says:

    In the days of lebron juking his fans. Revis balking at a mill (yeah a focking mill) its good to see honest altruistic good things done. Dwights a good dude.

  2. Clyde says:

    Dwight you have a good heart , thank you for taking the time

  3. NITRO says:


  4. Darryl says:

    Wow!! D12 is truly a class act!! Superman has a good heart! Way to go D

  5. Rosemary says:

    I have never been a fan- but, this one made me cry!!!!!! WAY TO GO DWIGHT, you are superman

  6. tim says:

    With all the negitive things that are said and done with atheletes these days. Mr Howard you are one of the few that would be worth looking up to as a role model. My hats off to you!!!

  7. Lutizia says:

    It was a blessing to see that this young athlete took time out to learn and recognize what strength and endurance truly is in the spirit of this little lady.

  8. Lydia Clary says:

    I knew Kay as a young girl. Her sister, Kit, was one of my best friends. Kay was beautiful, talented and so cute. Thank you for granting her that last wish. She was wonderful.

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