My NFL Predictions(Because everyone else has one)

Of course, this absolutely means nothing. If I or any other “football expert” were to bet their entire or portion of livelihood that their picks are correct its safe to say, we’d all be lighter in the wallet. Statistics indicate that we are probably going to be mostly wrong. To many factors come into play(Health, team travel, coaching dynamics, weather, and mostly importantly, just plain luck on Any Given Sunday). Now without further adieu, my predictions. Don’t try to laugh too hard.


Offensive Rookie of the Year: If it weren’t for CJ spiller playing in AFC East I would pick him. But the pick here is Ryan Matthews. He is getting most of carries with Sproles spelling him from time to time. That, and AFC West isn’t exactly a defensively inclinded division.

Defensive Rookie Of the year: Don’t laugh, I have Brandon Spikes. He is penciled in at one of the ILBs in Pats 3-4 Scheme. With Wilfork anchoring the middle, he and Mayo should cause havoc. Darkhorse(Jerry Hughes, remember that name)

Offensive Player of the year: Peyton, move on

Defensive Player of the Year: Jonathan Joseph, CB for Bengals. He’s overshawoded playing in same confrence as Revis, Asomugha, and Champ Bailey. He’s good guys. With The Bengals getting more exposure becuase of the TO/85 show should bring some spotlight to this great player.

MVP: Peyton….boring

Comeback Players of the year: ADAM PACMAN JONES!!! Leon Hall has been sketchy, Pacman is primed to take his spot and be matched with Jonathan Joseph for a 1-2 shutdown corner combination. Of course, their safeties will let them down. Also don’t forget Pacman’s return abilities. Could put him over the top.(Darkhorse:Ronnie Brown)

Teams making the playoffs:

Colts(Three things guaranteed: Death, Taxes, and Colts in playoffs), Ravens, Raiders, Jets, Pats, and………..TEXANS!!! That means the 81/85 experiment in Cincy is not working, Steelers can’t recover from Big Ben’s abscence, and that Titans well are not so good.

Representing AFC in the Superbowl will be………Pats. It pains me to say this. Brady has looked good this offseason and Randy Moss is playing for a new contract. Don’t forget Wes Welker is healthy, he is the cog that keeps Pats O moving. As for defense, players are young but have experience. I think Bill Belichick will coach them up.


Offensive Rookie of the year: Trent Williams, OL for Redskins. Not a sexy pick but it doesn’t have to be. Have you seen this kid put in work? He has his work cut-out for him though. He gets to face the likes of Demarcus Ware(DAL), Justin Tuck(NYG), and Trent Cole(PHI) twice a year in the NFC East. His protection will be vital in keeping McNabb healthy and I think he could handle it.

Defensive Rookie of the Year: Brandon Graham, DL for Eagles. He has a unstoppable motor and when on his A game is unblockable. Should help him get more than a few sacks and TFLs.

NFC Offensive Player of the Year: Calvin Johnson. He is healthy, has report with Matt Stafford, and improved run game with Jahvid Best in backfield should keep safety from baby sitting on deep passes. Megatron is going to have a big year.

NFC Defensive Player of the Year: Patrick Willis. you can pencil him in top 5 in tackles and every game seems to make an amazing play. Whether if its running down a running back down the field, forcing a fumble, or making an interception. Willis seems to be everywhere. Easy pick….

MVP:Adrian Peterson. I think he has fumbling problem in order and have a feeling that Vikings to preserve Favre’s arm will lean on Peterson more. He always close to top in TDs and this year he will be leading league in rushing yds/Tds. Less fumbles will equal more touches.

NFC Comeback Player: This is tough….No one really comes to mind as a player who was out and has comeback. I would go Roy Williams but i’m going with Derek Anderson of the Cardinals. A few years back he was a Pro-Bowl caliber Qb then lots of things happened. Had Quinn looking over his shoulder, had no real weapons on offense, and subsequently melted down. Now with Cards he has decent line, of the best cores of receivers, and running backs. He could do things with that offense.(Darkhorse:WR Roy Williams)

Playoff Teams:

49ers make a comeback to the dance, Vikings, Packers, Cowboys, Falcons, and the Giants.

Sorry Saints, last time i checked Drew Bress was on cover, no repeat. Eagles, your going to regret getting rid of Mac-5 while he had something in his tank. Lions are going to make great run but will come-up short.

The Nfc representative will be…………49ers. Yes, they will be coming out of nowhere to the superbowl. If the Saints come come out of nowhere to do it, why not them.

So its Pats vs 49ers in Superbowl with Pats winning and Brady solidifying himself as one of the greatest Qbs ever versus the greatest QB’s team. Got to love synergy….

Alrite, thats it folks. Those are my predictions. I’m on record now. Carry on with your day…