Natalie Nunn Naked Pic With Ty Lawson..Vernon Davis is “Crying a River”

The homie and BSO writer Kris Mayo tried to warn Vernon Davis that shacking up with a former “Bad Girl” wasn’t the best of ideas.

(Vernon Davis Dating Ex-Bad Girls Club Star, Natalie Nunn)

While Davis was being a “Flower Dude” to Nunn, seems like she wasn’t happy with just one baller in one sport, she had to get her some NBA loving at well.

So here she is naked (click to see full nude pic) at the Motel 2 with Nuggets guard Ty Lawson.

I have to give Nunn credit she has some skills in the art of pimpin. The question is which baller isReggie Wayningand which one is just knocking it out.

From a brief investigation (one BBM to my inside Noho source) it appears Davis is the one who is “showering” Nunn with gifts while Lawson is just taking it to the hole so to speak.

Did Michael Crabtree know about this when he and Davis got into their “altercation” last week?

Did Crabtree point out that Nunn has Pac “I Get Around” in heavy rotation in her ipod?

I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Vernon Davis might want to ask the 49ers to get him another physical before the season starts.

You can never been too safe.

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  • New news since pic surfaced today and that is what also caused tiff between teammates last week

  • I love u Natalie u can came and get in my any time luv ya

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  • Natalie nun dnt listen 2 her she just a gelous bitch yu look fine okayy yu can putt any body part out dea eif yu wnt

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