New York Giants D.J. Johnson Doesn’t Believe Broncos’ McKinley’s Death Was Suicide

As hard as it might be, the Denver Broncos must move forward and plan for the Indianapolis Colts this Sunday, after learning about the apparent suicide of Kenny McKinley. The news was sudden and a shock to the system of a lot of players around the league. reports that former teammate, current New York Giants D.J. Johnson doesn’t believe the death was a suicide.

“Something fishy went down there,” Johnson said without providing any details. “I don’t think it happened the way they’re saying it happened. Somebody did something to him. In Denver, with [athletes] that are out having fun in the same places as normal people and some convicts, it’s going to be an issue because we have the financial backing to have a good time — buy some bottles [of alcohol] and stuff like that,” Johnson said. “Then there’s going to be others come in there and see the women gravitate to that. So they’re going to try to match you. . . . That can lead to [violence].”

Police said that McKinley died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head Monday. It was also reported that McKinley was depressed because of suffering a season ending injury the second year in a row.

Johnson also stated that he doesn’t believe it was suicide because of his 2 year old son was nearby.

I don’t know if this is just Johnson’s way of processing grief, or if this is a theory he truly believes. The Broncos lost Darrent Williams New Year’s Eve 2006 due to the type violence that Johnson spoke of, so his theory is not that far off. Either way, this was a tragic loss for a lot of people and all we can do as fans is to continue pray for those affected by this loss.

3 thoughts on “New York Giants D.J. Johnson Doesn’t Believe Broncos’ McKinley’s Death Was Suicide

  • I have been thinking the same thing since I heard this tragic news,DJ you and friends might have enough power and finanaces to have this investigated because this is fishy and too quickly ruled,how about take a few days policeman detective???

  • Can’t accept it, the cops know what’s up and he even joked about suicide with a friend and said “I don’t know what i would do without football”……

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