New York Jets Darrelle Revis Not Happy With Terrell Owens’ Tweeting


“I see ‘revis island’ is getting exposed. Now that hammy is really hurting!” I saw Sunday when Terrell Owens tweeted about New York Jets Darrelle Revis and ‘Revis Island’. Given that Revis was playing at the time, I figured it would be a non-issue. I figured wrong. mentioned the tweets to Revis yesterday, and he had this to say:

“Why is he worried about me?” Revis replied to The Post with a frown. “We don’t play them until Week [12]. [He should] worry about his own team. He’s trippin’. “We’ll see about [‘Revis Island’ being exposed] when we play,” Revis told The Post. “He just put a big chip on my shoulder.”

I have some conflicting feelings about this story. While in the sports media world this is called ‘getting the story’ , in the ‘real world’ it’s called being messy.

Outside of that, Revis is completely right. ‘Revis Island’ shut T.O. down twice last season, and the Bengals looked horrible this past Sunday against the Ravens. T.O. had an anemic 57 yards receiving. He should concentrate on getting the T.Ocho show going against the Carolina Panthers this coming Sunday.


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