Packers’ RB Ryan Grant Done For The Season

The Green Bay Packers were dealt a blow  Sunday when starting running back  Ryan Grant when down with an ankle injury and hobbled off the field (which I wrongfully laughed at, I can admit)

Today the Packers found out that the injury suffered by Ryan Grant was enough to end his season

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports confirmed this earlier via Twitter:

Tough blow for the Packers, I’m reporting RB Ryan Grant is done for the year w severe ankle and leg injuries. Will be placed on IR

This to me is a  monumental blow to the Packers

I mean it’s already  bad enough  that they are the Solange Knowles of  pass blocking in the NFL  and  If this death blow they have just  been dealt cripples their run game, then they can french kiss their Super Bowl aspirations goodbye.

If I am the Packer I am weighing out 3 options right now because lord knows Brandon Jackson and John Kuhn aren’t going to cut it:

– Hitting Jerry Jones on the jack  (cellular phone) and offer up  some 4th or 5th round picks for Tashard Choice

-Inquiring to see if Willie Parker who would be willing to play in exchange for an authentic Clay Matthews strand of hair

-Trying to figure out what they can offer the Bills for Marshawn Lynch

I would also advise the Packers to keep ignoring Lendale White’s  calls and tweets

And to the Fantasy Owners who drafted Ryan Grant and felt you needed no more quality backs…….brighter days are not upon the horizon, it is a wrap for you

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3 thoughts on “Packers’ RB Ryan Grant Done For The Season

  • My brother drafted Grant in his fantasy draft more than a week ago. Let's just say he is scuffling right now. I follow the Bills, and they should have traded Lynch a long time ago. I am guessing they have weighed the option of trading him early in the offseason, but right now they seem content with trying to utilize their three running backs. I love the Pack as a SB contender coming into the year, but their offensive line still worries me.

    • I myself have Grant in a league, so I am hoping I can get his backup on the waiver wire

  • I drafted Grant & I'm pissed!!

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