Pics: Carmelo Anthony Shows Up At Nuggets Media Day..While Trade Still Looming

JR Smith provides us with the insider photo of Melo at the Nuggets facility.

There had been speculation that he wouldn’t show up at all while pending trade talks were on going, but he would have faced discipline from the team.

There is no word if Melo will speak to the media.

It is my belief that he won’t be traded immediately and he will start the season with the Nuggets.

The Nuggets seem hesistant to trade him and Anthony seems hesistant to be traded to any team not named the New York Knicks or Chicago Bulls.

My personal feeling is that Anthony should sit tight and become an unrestricted free agent, but with a pending lock ut looming and internal forces influencing him (family and agents) some say he should get out while he can.

The NBA is turning more and more into a soap opera every day with its young stars making power plays.

If there are any additional updates we will let you know.