Pics: Inés Sainz Tweets About Her Experience In New York Jets Locker Room

Earlier today we brought you the story about how a female reporter was allegedly almost bought to tears by the New York Jets.

(Read: New York Jets Almost Bring Female Reporter Ines Sainz to Tears?)

If you take the story at face value it would be something that many believed the NFL should look at since it could be considered sexual harrassment in the workplace.

We have learned that the reporter in question is Inés Sainz of Mexian TV Azteca. She actually tweets about her experience meeting Mark Sanchez and how it went in the Jets Locker room.

Here is a translation of the Spanish Tweets (copies of Tweets can be seen below) by @BxBomber12.

First tweet about Jets She says, “Me muero de incomodidad! Estoy en los lockers de los jets esperando por Mark Sanchez y mientras tratando de no mirar a ningun lado!!

Trans: “I’m so uncomfortable. I’m in the lockeroon waiting for Mark Sanchez trying not to make eye contact.”

Second Jets tweet, “Solo porq es la unica forma de entrevistarlo previo al partido de el lunes!! Pero demasiada hormona masculina en el entorno!!”

Trans: “Here because its the only way to interview him(Sanchez) before the game Monday. There is lots of male hormone in this environment.”

Third Jets tweet, “Lo siento pero ni de broma sacaria una foto de esto!! Si ni volteo!! Solo veo el locker de Mark y me quisiera taparme los oidos!!”

Trans: “I’m sorry, not even joking would I take a picture of this. I don’t even dare to turn around. I all I see is Mark’s locker but still want to cover my eyes.”

Fourth jets tweet, “Mision cumplida!! Mark Sanchez es una gran persona! Muy amable e inteligente!! Mañana pueden ver su entrevista en Ritual NFL!!”

Trans: “Mission ccomplished(interview). Mark Sanchez is a great guy. He is smart and intelligent. You can see his interview tomorrow in Ritual NFL

Based off the tweets while Sainz was waiting for Sanchez is when the shenanigans went down. She seems more embarrassed than offended, but you never know with just tweets.

Just because Miss Sainz is an attractive reporter (former Miss Spain) that isn’t an excuse for sexual harassment type behavior even if the Jets were joking.

She deserves the same respect and professionalism that a male reporter or a female reporter who isn’t working with as much in the back side (yes that was a play on words) would get.

Curious to see if the NFL will look into it, doesn’t appear Miss Sainz is making a big deal out of it, so it may just blow over which of course would encourage more of that type of behavior.

I doubt if Miss Sainz worked for ESPN or NFL Network this would have happened, I hope even if no punishment is doled out to the Jets that the NFL at least reminds them that the locker room is not a frat house.

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  • Whatever Rob, this seems like an excuse to post pics and for that I thank you. Sanchez better have hit that. All the Mexican girls love him out here in ScCal.

  • If shes a reporter and wants to be taken seriously ( not that I condone any inapropriate behavior that may have been taken towards her) she should dress like one, professionaly dressed for her job discription. Shes not modeling or whatever she did before. I have seen many sexy beautiful women reporting in various venues and they dressed appropriately. She could use more class than trying to show her assets!

  • Oh yeah…..GOOOOOOOOO JETS!!!

  • Richard (or shall I call you Dick?)…you say that you don't condone harassment yet you go on to try and dictate the way this woman should dress. Where in this story does it say that she Ms Sainz was dressed anyway other than professionally? You are being sexist in assuming that she was dressed for the night club while on the job. What you say about not condoning inapropriate behaviour (which I assume is a lot like inappropriate behaviour) is directly contradicted by the way you judge Ms Sainz and her claims.

    • It is Robert

      • she wasnt talking to you dude…. there is a post from Richard.

    • a football locker room is no place for a lady.Male reporters don"t go into the cheerleaders locker room for interviews.

  • sainz > erin andrews

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