Pics: Mackenzie Rae Putnal The Gun Toting Friend of Kassim Osgood

There is a misconception that I was blaming Mackenzie Rae Putnal the former Jacksonville Jaguars cheerleader for the incident between her, Kassim Osgood and her ex boyfriend Julian Armond Bartletto.

(Read the unbelievable story of how Kassim Osgood escaped being murdered)

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

My point was simple, Osgood as an older man and plenty to lose, should be careful about who he associates with. The fact that Miss Putnal was involved in relationship with a violent man in the past, is a red flag.

Maybe Miss Putnal didn’t know, Mr. Bartletto could take it that far, but her reactions as the incident took place state otherwise.

I don’t care how nice of a woman you are the fact remains it was her ex that almost ended both of their lives.

Considering her and her family are in possession of laser sight guns, is just something that Osgood needed to be aware of. Sometimes it isn’t the person that is the problem, it is the situation.

I am not passing judgment of Miss Putnal in reality she may have saved both her and Osgood lives, by going “Girlz in the Hood”, but this is a situation that could have been avoided all together if Osgood was using his brain.

Osgood put himself in a bad situation and it almost cost him his life, he will think twice next time, because you can only cheat death so often.

4 thoughts on “Pics: Mackenzie Rae Putnal The Gun Toting Friend of Kassim Osgood

  • Robert I defended you on that Post ****side eye******

    But my question is……..WHY WASN'T OSGOOD FINED OR SUSPENDED?
    SHE WAS KICKED OFF THE SQUAD………They both broke the rules.

  • She's a Grenade with laser equipped firearms

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