Pics: Nate Robinson Has Some Fun With Shaq Cookie Monster Style

I will be honest normally I don’t really get into the NBA season until the day after the Super Bowl. Similar to baseball it is a very long season and many of the things that happen in October have no bearing on what goes on in June.

With that being said I will be dialed in from day one this year, because of the multiple storylines that are interesting to me.

  • The South Beach NWO
  • Bean trying to win his 6th
  • The Celtics who are combined 1827833636 years old trying to make one more run.
  • How many lawsuits Dwight Howard will filed against Royce Reed.
  • Melo Man Ace Drama.
  • CP3 trying to get out of town.
  • Amare’ trying to make the Knicks relevant again.

Good stuff all the way around, that should make for an interesting season.

This pic of Nate Robinson and a sleeping Shaq is classic. Shaq is old it was time for his afternoon nap.

3 thoughts on “Pics: Nate Robinson Has Some Fun With Shaq Cookie Monster Style

  • The C's are old, yes, but they got a buncha big-ass kids on that team now, between Shaq "The Big Cookie Monster", Glen "Big Baby Shrek doin the Moist Dougie Dance" Davis , Nate "Kyrpto-Nate Donkey" Robinson and DeLonte "Hide Ya Moms, Hide Ya Guns, Run and Tell That Homeboy" West.


  • grande tilico mi nertir te ontri adosid aronda. ingratos te recour ssimpos nos bilanto o ulinhaisu trinha codim bien.

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