Report: Braylon Edwards is Playing Sunday at Miami Dolphins

Reports are coming in that Braylon is playing Sunday. Dennis Waszak Jr., AP writer for Jets, tweets:

#Jets GM tells AP that Braylon Edwards will be active vs. Miami but won’t start and how much he plays will be up to Rex Ryan.”Surprising how quick Jets responded. I thought they would have at least a one day cool off period but they took the bull by the horns announced he is playing. I’m not surprised he’s playing though, Jets are pretty thin at WR. Need all the help they could get and it seems like Mark Sanchez was targeting Edwards a lot. Need to keep it consistent for the young QB. I doubt Goodell will take any action immediately so Edwards should be good for now but he is on thin ice. Any slip up and it’s game over. The beard could rest peacefully today and get ready for Dolphins.