Report: Rex Ryan and Darrelle Revis Secretly Meet in Florida


This is being reported by Manish Mehta for the New York Daily News (I wish my name was Manish).

According to Mehta Revis and Rex Ryan talked over “snacks” (I made that up), but no contract is imminent.

From the beginning I have believed that the deal gets done before the season.

This is a high price game of chicken, but it is highly unlikely that a player will sit out the entire season and from the Jets perspective even though I don’t think Revis would be the reason they got off to a slow start if they did that is how the media would spin it.

The question is who will blink first?

Revis wants the majority of his cash guaranteed and the Jets just wants certain parts guaranteed.

My guess is if the deal gets done before the season it is Revis that caves, but if I contract happens during the season it will be the Jets who bow down to Revis’ demands.

Stay tuned.

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