Robert Littal’s Mr. T Gold Chain Locks College Football Picks Week 1

Throughout the College Football Season I will give you the 5 Mr. T Gold Chain Locks.

What does this mean to you?

Get you a pay day loan and put all your money on my picks I am guarantee to make you a “thousandaire” by the end of the season:

Last Week: 0-0
Season: 0-0

#3 Boise State 21 vs. #10 Va Tech 24

It comes down to this, if Boise wins they can run the table against a relatively weak schedule and end up in the BCS Championship game. If they lose they Fade to Bolivia with Mike Tyson. I think it will be the latter:

#24 Oregon State 18 vs. #6 TCU 21

TCU is in a similar situation as Boise except they are at home against a weaker opponent. I think they win and that puts them on a path to a possible BCS Championship game appearance.

#21 LSU 14 vs. #18 North Carolina 30

UNC has been embroiled in all type of controversy, so either they are going to fold or they will will be mad as hell. I think they take out their frustrations on LSU.

#15 Pittsburgh 24 vs. Utah 23

I smell a possible upset here, but I think Pitt pulls it out, but if they are underestimating Utah they will lose.

#14 USC 50 vs. Hawaii 20

As the Lane Kiffin era starts at USC, I see them trying to run up the score to make a point, but don’t worry they will be exposed at a later date.

7 thoughts on “Robert Littal’s Mr. T Gold Chain Locks College Football Picks Week 1

  • Don't sleep on Oregon State. I would bet TCU to win as well, but the Rodgers family (Jacquizz and James) is no joke and are as good a RB-WR combo as TCU will face all year. I think Rich Rod could have company on the hot seat with Les Miles at LSU. The LSU-UNC game is in Atlanta, which is SEC territory. The Heels could be without a number of key defensive players for this game. Their best DT Marvin Austin is already suspended indefinitely. This would be a terrible loss for the Tigers if they fall to the Heels with all the controversy surrounding the Tar Heel football team.

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